Jobs Added in Massachusetts This Spring


The Executive Office of Labor and Workforce Development reported on June 20th that Massachusetts’ unemployment rate rose a bit through May to 6.6 percent.  But, the good news is the unemployment rate is down 0.1 of a percentage point from the May 2012 rate of 6.7 percent. They also announced that Massachusetts added 3,500 jobs in May, and in the first five months of 2013, Massachusetts added 14,500 jobs.  Over the course of the year Massachusetts has added a total of 49,600 jobs.

The sectors that saw growth and added jobs in May were: Trade, Transportation, and Utilities; Construction; Financial Activities; Professional, Scientific, and Business Services; Other Services; and Education and Health Services. The most important aspect of this report is that jobs are being added. This is good news for recent college graduates and all candidates looking for a new job in Massachusetts!

For more information of the current state of the job market, take a look at this article on  The article goes into detail about wages increasing across many sectors, and explains that more Americans are searching for jobs, which could be the reason for the rise in added jobs but the unemployment rates staying steady.

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