3 Easy Resume Tips










By: Andrew Gifford, Division Director, Westborough

Your resume is the first impression you make in the job hunt – and it’s competing against scores of others just like it. Because of this, the importance of following resume best practices can’t be stressed enough.

Make sure your resume game is strong with these quick and easy tips:

1. Spellcheck

I’ll keep this short and sweet – use spellcheck!  And, as a safety net, have someone you know read over your resume for typos. Their fresh eyes might catch things you’ve overlooked.

2. Top half = best half

Keep the most important items on the top half of the page (this often includes your skills like MS Word, Excel, etc.). Too often employers don’t read the entire resume and will just look at what’s included in the first few sections.

3. Group relevant experience together

If you’ve worked a lot of different jobs, group them by industry rather than date to cater to the job you’re applying for. If you are going for a Medical Assistant position, for example, but have also worked as an Administrative Assistant, separate your experience into two sections. Label them as “Relevant Experience” and list all of your Medical Assistant work, and “Other Experience” where you can list everything else.  By doing this, the employer can quickly find what’s relevant to the open position rather than sifting through a long list of jobs.


We’re always happy to review resumes with our candidates. If you’d like more pointers or if you’re ready for a new position contact us today.