3 Simple Hiring Tips

Hiring a new employee can be exciting, but the process is often overwhelming. Here are three simple steps to help keep your interviewing process on track for success:

1. Pre-screen –Talking to a candidate over the phone before scheduling an interview allows you to vet whether or not a candidate should come in for an interview. It gives you a succinct amount of time to speak and saves you time down the road. During the pre-screening call, you can get a sense for the candidate’s ability to articulate and express themselves. It also allows you to see how well the candidate prepared (for instance, is there lots of background noise? barking dogs?). During this time, ask about the candidate’s business experience and assess if that would be a good fit for your open role. You may even want to discuss salary or desired hours because, if expectations are different from what you can actually offer, then that person likely isn’t a fit.

2. Structure Your Interviews – Instead of walking into the interview expecting an open discussion, add some parameters and list items you know you’d definitely like to cover during your discussion. You can do this by thinking about the requirements for the open role and listing questions you’d like to ask each candidate to assess fit. Write down notes for each response so you can reference them later and compare candidates. Also, make sure your goals for the role are clearly defined ahead of the interview. Discuss these goals and set the expectations with your candidate so everyone is aligned moving forward.

3. Check for Cultural Fit – In addition to assessing the candidate’s skills, think about your organization’s culture and how that person will add to the environment. While a candidate might look perfect on paper, an interview could reveal behavior patterns that might not be a fit for your particular company culture. For instance, your company might be very collaborative but the candidate thrives best when working solo. Or, your candidate might love to socialize but your office is very traditional. Plus, think about how your candidate will interact with customers if the role is customer-facing.

Of course, a staffing firm can help alleviate a lot of the angst that comes with vetting and recruiting candidates. Make sure you have a trusted partner that can listen to what you need, advise you when necessary, and supply you with the best talent. We at KNF&T are always happy to help (request talent here)!