3 Tips for Attracting Top Candidates

There’s no denying that it’s a candidate’s market, which is why strategic hiring and retention are crucial. Here are the top three approaches to ensure workforce planning success.

1. Act Quickly – Many employers feel that conducting several interviews across multiple weeks is the best way to perform their due diligence. This is a common misconception and can cost you the candidate as he/she likely has other offers waiting in the wings. But, a thorough– albeit shorter – interview process is possible if you prepare. Assemble a team of the decision makers. Have a decisive interview schedule and debriefing time. Determine interview questions and distribute among the team in advance, indicating which specific areas each interviewer should look for. When you debrief, it will become clear quickly who you’d like to move forward with and why.


2. Look for Transferrable Skills – Chances are that your ideal employee won’t meet each and every job description requirement. Looking beyond the resume is the real secret to your next best hire. Often times there are transferable skills that can deliver a great deal of value to your organization. For example, someone may not have done sales per say, but has a demonstrated drive for success, competition, and excellent customer service. Take time to discuss the areas that the candidate has been successful at with previous employers. You may find the diamond in the rough.


3. Engaged Employees are Happy Employees – Once you’ve hired an employee, ensuring continued employee engagement is critical. As Forbes.com states, this directly reflects “the level of commitment, passion, and loyalty a worker has toward their work and company. The more engaged an employee is, the more work they’ll put forth.” This begins with onboarding and continues with consistent reinforcement through goal setting, positive acknowledgements, and empowerment. Keeping your employees engaged will ensure employee satisfaction, longevity, and a more productive business.

There is no question that a company’s ability to attract and retain desirable employees is paramount to its success. And by starting with these three best practices, you’ll attract the best talent and continue to grow in the right direction.