3 Tips to Finding a Job After College


Graduating Soon… and Eager to Find a Job? Three Tips to Look Beyond the Career Center

Congratulations! It’s your senior year. You’re close to graduating and embarking on your career path (the one you worked so hard on over the course of the past four years). You’ve achieved good grades, taken on additional activities and responsibilities to round out your resume — and you’ve been meeting regularly with your school’s career center. You see your friends accepting job offers and hope you will be next. But despite frequent career center meetings, the job opportunities are just not coming in as planned. What else can you be doing to get that first job out of school?

  1. ThinkstockPhotos-478093734Test the Waters with Temping – As you start to evaluate jobs in the “real world,” how do you even know which job is the right one for you? The good news is, you don’t have to know right away. Many have found success with temping via a staffing agency. You can see if the company (and position) is the right fit for you and they can see if you are equally a fit for them. Commitment is minimal and can lead to long-term satisfaction and growth for both you and the employer.
  1. Network at Events – Attending events to network and meet different contacts is an important aspect to any successful job search and one college graduates should take seriously. If you are interested in a particular company, make the extra effort to seek out events that are important to its employee base and engage with those individuals. Not only will you find new contacts… you will have a lot of fun doing it!
  1. ThinkstockPhotos-457041031Get Serious with Social We all know social media activities can have a significant impact on a job search. Follow companies of interest on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. Check out what other groups their employees have joined, and do the same – connecting and engaging with them. You will be demonstrating interest in the company, and also will be well-versed on the topics they want to discuss come interview time.

There you have it! And those are only three approaches. Want to learn more? Contact us and let us help you make the most out of your new degree!