4 Small Changes to Take Charge of Your Career


By Gloria Martinez, Creator of WomenLed.org

Many people come to a point in their careers where they feel stuck. You may be working to reach the next level in your company, or maybe you’re wondering if you would have better prospects with a career switch. You may even be thinking about starting your own business. Whatever your situation is, there’s no need to stay stuck. Following your heart – and head – can be exactly what you need to change your life for the better.

Start with these four small changes begin taking charge of your career:

1. Go out on your own

Starting your own business used to be a scary prospect, but many are finding that starting a side hustle through avenues like e-commerce are an easier route to take. The dropshipping model is especially popular because it allows you to have suppliers ship products directly to your customers, eliminating the need to keep stock. To set yourself apart to succeed in e-commerce, by choosing a product that is unique. It’s also crucial to provide the absolute best in customer service and develop a website that is user-friendly and works well on mobile devices.

The great thing about starting a side business is that you’re able to boost your income without quitting your job. Business News Daily explains how starting a side gig is a smart way to get experience in a different field without making a full commitment. You may discover a new passion that leads to even bigger change.

2. Stand Out From the Crowd

Whichever direction you take, be sure to give some attention to your resume. Using an online resume template is a quick and easy way to create an updated resume with a new look. A template program takes the guesswork out of the process by walking you through choosing a template and adding your information. And the modern formats and color schemes that are designed to be eye-catching will ensure your resume gets noticed.

When you’re switching careers, fine-tuning the content in your resume is important, too. Read up on job descriptions for the field you’re entering, and make a note of the skills they require. Even if you’re starting fresh, make sure your resume includes the skills and accomplishments you have that fit what they’re looking for.

Another way to stand out from the crowd is to make sure you can be found online. According to Fortune, the majority of recruiters use LinkedIn to find candidates. If you already have a LinkedIn profile, update it now so it reflects the new direction you’re taking.

3. Try Something New

You also want to make new connections in the field you’re entering. Networking accomplishes several goals towards making the change – meeting people who are already doing that job will give you get a better idea of whether or not it’s right for you, and these connections may help you land the opportunity you’re looking for.

Another way to take small, gradual steps is to develop the skills you need in areas like Excel, Word Processing, management, etc. Look into offerings at your local community college, or check out an online course for an easy way to gain those skills outside of work hours. You can also leverage any new contacts you’re making to help you better understand the job landscape or make connections at companies that interest you. Regardless of your age, an internship is an excellent way to get experience.

4. Reach Higher

You don’t have to change what you’re doing entirely to reach the next level in your career. One way to get unstuck is to ask for more opportunities at work. Taking on new projects gives you the chance to expand your horizons, and it may open the door to a promotion. Plus, if there’s a promotion you’re ready for, don’t be afraid to ask. Often, people hesitate to ask for promotions, but that hesitation can hold you back from the perfect opportunity.

It’s common for people to hold themselves back from change because they worry about loss of income. But when you make career changes slowly or start a side hustle, you can start reaching toward your goals without quitting your job. You can take control of your life, and start exploring new horizons, with baby steps that add up to a dramatic change.


Gloria’s mission is to increase the number of women-led corporations, organizations, and small businesses. She’s doing this by educating others about “women led” achievements through her organization, WomenLed.

Photo credit: Pixabay