5 Steps for Hiring the Best Talent

5 Steps for Hiring the Best Talent

Competition to attract and employ high-caliber candidates is tight, requiring companies to have efficient and effective recruiting and hiring practices. This starts with establishing or reorganizing internal procedures aimed at streamlining the recruiting and hiring process, and can be broken down into the following five steps.

1. Analyze and Set Goals – Identify the roles you need to fill, while describing the performance requirements for every position within the company (including those currently filled). You should also evaluate your corporate culture and compensation spectrum. This allows you to set expectations from the beginning – both from an internal perspective and for candidates.

 interview process2. Evaluate your Interview Process – Take an honest look at your interview process. How has it worked in the past? Did it yield the right people? Did participants enjoy the process? Analyze the results and think about other interview options you should add to the mix like phone interviews, online personality testing, or group interviews.

3. Critique your Company – Ask yourself: is your company’s positioning truly desirable to potential candidates…and would you want to work at your company? Focus on two important factors: Your website and company visibility. Make sure your website is up-to-date, user friendly, mobile enhanced, and posts all current jobs. When it comes to company visibility, executive and manager involvement in the community and at industry events can often influence a prospective candidates interest in a company.

ThinkstockPhotos-4570410314. Maximize Sourcing Channels – Social media properties such as Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn are powerful resources that allow you to be effective with engaging candidates. Just be sure to keep content. Also, consider leveraging a staffing firm, proven to be a valuable resource that can offload the stress and workload for hiring managers – especially for the harder-to-fill roles. Finally, there are the numerous job sites (such as Glassdoor)…and never overlook the power of a referral.

5.  Lay the Groundwork for Long-term Satisfaction – Once your chosen candidate is an employee, the work does not stop there. Kick off a fulfilling employee experience with a positive first day. Have a formal employee orientation that encourages interaction with other employees and have an open discussion about the job description (covering goals and a plan to track progress).


Bottom line: the more engaged you are in the hiring process, the more quality hires you will attract!