5 Tips for Demystifying the Post-Grad Candidate

5 Tips for demystfying post-grad candidates

It’s that time of year again – when college graduates are entering the world – eager to get started on their dream career. And while there are a lot of them, attracting top talent to your company can be very challenging. How do you get them excited about your company – in a way that not only gets them in the door, but motivates them to stay instead of hopping to the next “exciting” opportunity? As you gear up to bring in the best of the class of 2016, consider these five tips:

  1. VolunteerShowcase a Fun Culture – Today’s college graduates are presented with so many opportunities that weave a fun culture into the workday mix – especially when it comes to young startups. Don’t get passed over due to the perception of a static work environment. Highlight the fun things you offer to employees that motivate them to do a great job and stay committed, such as happy hours, games, competitions, volunteer opportunities, etc. If you find your company does not mix fun into your culture, incorporate it. This will not only aid in the recruiting effort, but will inspire existing employees to remain loyal as well.


  1. Demonstrate Upward Mobility – College graduates are looking beyond a job that simply pays the bills. They want to embark on a career path that motivates them to grow. In your recruiting process, be sure to emphasize upward mobility opportunities at your company. This will not only inspire them to seriously consider your company, but will give them a reason to stay longer, once hired.


  1. 78620080Be Flexible – Gone are the days of the strict nine-to-five work environment. Forward-thinking companies grant employees flexible hours, work-at-home options, and extended vacation days. As an employer, you want your employees to feel that priorities focus on getting the work done right, rather than “when” the work is done. In fact, a lot of millennials don’t mind working on nights and weekends, knowing they have flexibility during other parts of the week.


  1. Talk Team – Most college grads are coming from a learning environment that is collaborative and team-centric. This is a significant culture shift that has taken place over the past several years and can become integral to a person’s morale. Appeal to their desire to work toward a common goal, together with others – illustrating your own team culture.


  1. ThanksNoteEmployee Appreciation – Everybody appreciates being appreciated, but young college graduates are even more sensitive to feeling valued. Highlight the different levels of employee recognition your company offers, giving them a taste of some examples of recent employee honors. As part of this, emphasize the accolades given to long-term employees. This will demonstrate the value placed on company loyalty and inspire employees to stay long-term.


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