5 Tips for Writing a Thank You Letter

Thank you button keyboard for polite feedbackA successful interview doesn’t end once your interview is over. There’s a crucial element that can boost your chances of landing the job, yet more and more candidates forget about it: the thank you letter. Here are five steps to help you craft your next thank you letter so you can make a great impression on your next potential employer.

1. Be Prompt – Sending a thank you note isn’t just courteous… it helps differentiate you from the competition. As a rule of thumb, always send a thank you note after an interview. While some people still prefer to send it via traditional mail, sending an email is perfectly acceptable in our ever changing digital world. But getting it done within 24 hours is key. This will reflect well on your professionalism and demonstrate quality follow-through.

2. Personalize – Send an individualized email to each person that you spoke with (remember to ask for business cards!). Making each email unique will demonstrate that you paid attention to the conversation and took the time to craft thoughtful emails, rather than sending a bulk message.

If you’re struggling, try just tweaking the intro to be specific to each discussion.

For instance, if you talked about culture with one person you could say, “I thoroughly enjoyed learning more about the company culture from you and would be thrilled to join the team.” And if you focused more on success factors with someone else you could say, “thank you for sharing the qualities of a successful employee. After speaking with you, I am confident that I have what it takes to be a long term contributor to the company.”

3. Reiterate Your Interest – Reiterate that you are a fit for the role and are looking forward to working for the company. Be confident about this, don’t use language like “I think I would be a good fit”. Instead say, “I know I will be a good fit for the company.” If you believe in yourself, chances are they’ll believe in you too.

4. Thank Them, Again People are busy! They’re taking time out of their hectic schedules to talk to you, and it’s important to thank them for that. Toward the end of your email thank them again for their time and consideration.

5. Ask about Next Steps If next steps weren’t explicitly mentioned at the end of your interview, ask the hiring manager when you’ll hear about next steps, and if there is anything else you can provide to help them better evaluate you as a candidate. They’ll appreciate the follow-through and will, in most instances, give you a bit more clarity. If you did already talk about next steps, you can end with a simple “I’m looking forward to hearing from you.”