A College Graduates Career Choice

By Stacey Crane-Chaulk

I recently read the article Graduates: Go ahead and do what you love” by Laura Vanderkam. As the VP of Strategic Business Development at KNF&T Staffing, this article appealed to me for two particular reasons:

The first reason is that I have a college aged son, and always find myself wondering what his peers are going to do once they are College Graduates.

Secondly; I have been in the staffing industries for over 16 years, and these college students are the next generation work force.

Vanderkam points to a great quote in Lara Galinsky’s book, Work on Purpose: “It’s funny to me that there’s this tension between doing what you love, and that everything has to be perfect.” It seems as if there is a debate between doing what you love and what you are supposed to do. Why not do both?!

Of course, figuring out the best career path isn’t easy. “It takes a lot of self-awareness and a certain level of honesty” says Galinsky.  It takes time, effort and work that College Graduates would rather not be doing.Building your career can sometimes be a lifelong process.

After observing many Recent College Graduates, it seems that they are all in different stages of the postgraduate job search. “The plan”, a word most College Graduates loathe, is the actual “strategic thinking” process that Vanderkam refers to as vital in her blog. Clearly at 18-24 years of age, it can be hard to make a lifelong career decision without some direction.

Staffing Agencies like KNF&T can be a great resource for Recent College Graduates. We have expert recruiters with many experiences all willing to support you in finding your “Dream Job” or at the very least, give you a place to start. KNF&T works with the Top Boston Companies. Here is a place where college students can get many different working experiences. This will help with building your resume and seeing what types of companies you like best. It’s also a place to learn the “trends” of employment. Who else would know better, but a 28 year old Boston staffing agency like KNF&T?

More on this from: http://www.bnet.com/blog/time-management/graduates-go-ahead-and-do-what-you-love/407

Stacey Crane-Chaulk is the Business Development Manager at KNF&T Staffing Resources. She can be reached at scchaulk@knft.com