A Great Day at Crossroads for Kids

KNF&T’s President and Founder, Beth Tucker, recently volunteered her time at Crossroads for Kids, an organization that KNF&T supports on behalf of our clients. There, she enjoyed learning about the many opportunities this organization holds for young children while able to really see, first hand, the positive affects these programs have on the lives of children and young adults.

Crossroads for Kids is dedicated to creating a safe and caring community where young people from at-risk environments discover a sense of belonging and passion for life. With their summer camp programs as the starting point, Crossroads provides life changing experiences and support that builds trust and healthy relationships kids can count on throughout their childhood, teenage years, and beyond.

Their international multi-year programs and community partnerships open doors to new resources and opportunities that inspire and empower young people to fulfill their unique potential. Crossroads for Kids is committed to providing measurable impact in the areas of respect for self and others, development of positive life skills, and motivation for academic success resulting in successful graduation from High School with a focus on attaining post-secondary education.