Ace the Interview: Get Your Dream Job

by Jason Smith

How to Get that Dream Job


The job interview is the most pivotal point of any job search. It is the one shot that a potential employee gets at showing an employer that THEY should be hired above anyone with similar qualifications. I’ve had overqualified candidates come out of an interview thinking merely about what tie they are going to wear to their first day of work at that company, only to find out they didn’t get the job! By following some simple interview steps, you will maximize your chances to get that dream job, even if you didn’t think it was possible.

Your Image: this includes proper business attire, a dignified stature, good eye contact, a firm handshake, and a friendly vibe. A good first impression will make your life a lot easier as you go on with the interview

Positivity: A positive outlook throughout the entire interview will allow you to overcome any potential mishaps. Spin any negative questions with positivity, and position yourself to the interviewer as someone who can bring value to the company.

Ask Questions: You should always ask questions about company history, department structure, job responsibilities, job expectations, and about the next steps after the interview. AVOID questions about vacations, scheduling, or the status or your application (you just had your interview!).

Show Interest: You can do this by telling the employer that you’d really like an opportunity in that position and reiterating that you’d be a huge asset to the company. Say thank you at the end of the interview; show that you appreciate the time the interviewer spent with you. Indicate that you are very interested in the job.

A good Staffing Company prides itself on getting candidates in a position to interview for a job. By using the right staffing company and these tips, YOU might be able to get your dream job in no time! See job opportunities and learn more about how KNF&T can help you to get an interview at  There is absolutely no risk, and unlimited potential gain!

Jason Smith is the Vice President of Accounting and Finance at KNF&T Staffing Resources and a chairman on the Framingham Board of Selectmen. He can be reached at