After the Interview should not be an afterthought

You look for jobs in your area, land the interview(s), and can finally relax, right?  Not so quick, there are still a few key steps in the process that you have yet to complete.  Sending a thank you note as well as following up with the employer or recruiter are essential steps that show your professionalism as well as interest in the job.  Being aware of these important interview follow-ups will surely be beneficial to your job search.

A thank you note of any kind is always appreciated (and necessary!) but a hand written note shows that extra touch.  It may seem old school in these days of electronic communications, yet it also shows the interviewer that you have taken the time to sit down and write a note, not just an email you could have typed out on your phone or ipad anywhere.

After your thank you is in the mail, always follow up with the recruiter or employer.  Don’t disappear; show your interest in the job by contacting your interviewer.  Sometimes you won’t hear right away, and that is not always a bad sign, just be persistent and keep a positive attitude.  This will not only show your interest but will hopefully be the last step in securing the position!

What are you must dos after an interview?  Let us know!