Are Facebook and Twitter Hurting Your Chances of Getting a Job

After a long-lasting period of rapid growth, social media websites like Facebook have successfully been stapled into our society. This has caused a great amount of debate regarding whether or not the use of social media is beneficial to our society. One of the major topics of deliberation is how the use of Facebook coincides with social and professional standing in the workplace. In fact, half of students fear that something they posted on Facebook will affect their job prospects!

Facebook dangerous to job prospects?

Many would argue that professionals are better off staying away from social media sites. This is true for those who are unsure of how to use websites in the correct manner. Over and over again, we have seen people make major mistakes on their personal sites which lead to hostile workplace, termination, or even legal action! Here are a couple of instances:

Clearly these people were unaware of the dangers of using social media.

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