Are You Hitting The Corporate Grand Slam?

Saturday night I found myself once again glued to the Red Sox game along with the other 9 million viewers, as reported by the official Red Sox MLB website. When the game finally ended the Red Sox had won the American League title! During a post-game interview with David Ortiz, he was asked what he thought the reason was for this amazing turn around, going from worst to first in one season. He immediately pointed to first year Red Sox coach, John Farrell. He went on to say how John, from the very beginning of the season, was able to restore confidence in each and every player and how he has been like a dad to everyone on the team. Ortiz’s comments prompted me to think about John Farrell taking command of a team who was in last place in the American League at the end of 2012-2013 and how he inspired and rejuvenated this group who are now the American League champions and are headed to the World Series.
Apply this leadership scenario to your company and your team. What type of “Manager” do you work for? Is this person more like a mentor and adviser instilling confidence and enthusiasm or have traits resembling a pessimist or cynic making each day more difficult and continuously depleting any dedication or eagerness that may be left?
The character and tone of the company leadership directly affects the internal culture of any organization. If negativity, skepticism and/or hostility run through any department and/or corporation, sooner or later the employees are going to seek other opportunities which encompass and promote a more productive and rewarding internal environment. When employees are encouraged to believe in themselves, their co-workers and leadership teams, they are more likely to support and embrace the corporate mission. Each and every person will feel as though they are an integral part of the team and they are a major contributor to hitting the grand slam that will win the division championship.

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-Donna VanSchagen, Marketing & Communications Manager, KNF&T