Are You Prepared?

Job interviews may seem rare over the course of a lifetime, but they actually share a lot in common with things we practice every day. Meeting a client for the first time, pitching a new idea, presenting to a room full of peers – the list goes on and on and they all have one main thing in common: they are brief moments in time.

For the most part, a first impression is the only impression we’ll get. Did you give it your best? Were you well prepared? These brief moments in time are single opportunities that we as professionals have to showcase who we are and what we can do. The Harvard Business Review recently described, in an article, some common fallacies one may unintentionally succumb to when trying to reach their goal. At any stage over one’s career, it is vital to recognize and overcome these fallacies in order to be successful over time.

  • The Hard Work Fallacy – Believing that determined effort will compensate for your shortcomings.
  • The Smarts Fallacy – Thinking that general intelligence translates into specific skills.
  • The Passion Fallacy – Believing you’re good at things just because you really enjoy them or because they are immensely important to you.
  • The “Wishing Will Make It So” Fallacy – Convincing yourself that success (for you, anyway) will be easy.

The small details matter. Dress for the job you want, not necessarily the job you’re currently in. Know your material inside and out, but brace yourself for unexpected questions. Most importantly, deliver your best you! How well you prepare yourself for that job interview will not only be noticed, but evaluated and compared. Seize your brief moment in time and make sure you have an indirect voice in their conversation.