Avoid THIS Phrase in your Interview

Once you land an interview, one of the best things you can do is prepare. We often advise our candidates to read up on the company and its mission, plus review some commonly asked interview questions. But regardless of how much you prepare, a cliché response can really hurt your chances of success. And there’s one phrase we’ve heard time and time again that you should avoid saying at all costs: “I like working with people.”


When an interviewer asks why you would excel at this job, or what trait makes you stand out, answering with “I like working with people” doesn’t really give them much information. It seems like a harmless answer, but it is a generic response that doesn’t provide any color about who you are or insight into your strengths. Plus, most people like working with people. What makes you different? Why should they hire you?

Instead, Try This:

Instead, think of the core message you’re trying to communicate. If you like working with people, what exactly about it do you like? For instance, are you a strong communicator? Do you find inspiration from brainstorming with others? Have you had particular success with a collaborative project?

Dig deeper to make a more pinpointed statement, then provide an example that demonstrates your abilities. This will make a bigger impact by showcasing your strengths and highlighting your working style and personality.



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