Be Proactive At Work This Summer!

In this article recommended by KNF&T’s Marketing Manager, Meaghan Grady, learn how to curb your enthusiasm while at work this summer.

Summer is upon us and over the next few weeks schools will be closing, the sun will be shining, and you’ll be daydreaming that you’re at the beach, on a boat, at the pool, or anywhere but your desk. There’s a good chance that all the excitement and distractions of summer will curb your productivity—but if you manage your time properly, communicate well, and shift priorities as needed, you can get through the season without slacking too much. – Jacqueline Smith, Forbes Writer

9 Tips For Boosting Productivity At Work This Summer


Summer is a big time for change. College grads are looking for jobs, and turnover rates start to rise. As our market gets better, don’t feel like you’re stuck where you are! Try using KNF&T, one of Boston’s best staffing agencies, to help you find a job that you love.