Before The Job Interview, Do Your Homework

In our ever-so-changing economy the job market is becoming increasingly more competitive for recent college graduates. It doesn’t just take a degree from a top school to give you that edge over other applicants.

A recent article published in the New York Times by Eileen Zimmerman illustrates incredible advice for recent grads that are starting the interview process.

Find out who runs the company and how they got there. “Look at their profiles on LinkedIn and see if you find a common bond,” says David Lewis, the chief executive of OperationsInc., a human resources outsourcing and consulting firm in Norwalk, Conn. “If you are able to say, ‘I went to the same college as you’ or ‘I also majored in psychology,’ that demonstrates you really did your homework.”

Whether you are just graduating from college or even looking for the next move in your career, remember:

Before The Job Interview – Do Your Homework!