Benefits of Hiring a College Graduate

by Beth Tucker

The benefits of hiring a college graduate are proven. Whether you’re an employer with openings for entry level jobs or a job placement candidate looking for work, understanding the inherent skills of college graduates can help you fill available positions with suitable employees or excel in job interviews.

One of the most valuable skills you’ll get in a college graduate is a highly developed ability to think critically. This tends to be true regardless of the field in which the graduate earned his or her degree, and it helps employees make judicious decisions that can improve workplace safety and efficiency. Today’s college graduates are also highly computer literate and well-versed in social networking, which can be a boon to businesses that rely upon electronic technologies or want to position themselves for greater online visibility.

Professionals at staffing agencies also note additional general traits common to college graduates in all majors and academic fields. The fact that a student has made his or her way through the rigors of a full four-year degree demonstrates commitment and a high level of focus, both of which are very attractive qualities to employers in all industries. Earning a college degree also shows that the candidate has a proven ability to learn and is highly trainable. It takes motivation to complete a college degree, and hiring a graduate ensures that the new employee will have what it takes to perform at a high level.

College graduates also tend to have progressive and inclusive world views, which can help them get along with co-workers more easily. Also, it is common for college graduates to have been exposed to group work during the course of their degree completion. This experience fosters productive working relationships, especially in business environments that rely on a high level of staff cooperation and teamwork.

Those who hold college degrees generally have a higher personal standard of excellence as well. The fact that the candidate chose to pursue a college education is evidence that he or she has high expectations for him or herself, and new graduates tend to work very hard to establish themselves in entry level jobs.

Completing a college education is an excellent way to get a leg up in today’s ultra-competitive employment environment, and employers benefit from the wide range of skills grads offer. If you’re a job-seeker, sell your skills; if you’re an employer, demand the best and your organization will prosper.

Beth Tucker is the co-founder and president of KNF&T Staffing Resources. She can be reached at