Beth Cabrera Featured in Up Journey’s Article


KNF&T’s Executive Vice President, Beth Cabrera, was featured in Up Journey’s recent article titled, “How to Answer ‘What Makes You Unique.'” The article lists different pieces of advice from managers and HR experts on how to best approach the tricky interview question.

Beth’s advice:

Focus on something that is applicable to the position you’re applying for or that speaks to your work ethic. Focus on your upbringing – something that has created a strong sense of independence, responsibility, and personal accountability.

For example, a student that has had the opportunity to travel might focus on their ability to book complex travel arrangements and confirm details such as transportation, transfers, and accommodations, all while ensuring that time differences and cultural sensibilities were taken into consideration.

If a particular trip involved staying with a local family, the candidate can highlight how he/she accounted for cultural differences, like researching an appropriate gift for the family or adjusting to how their culture observed time (is on time considered showing up 5 minutes early or 30 minutes late?).

Draw the parallel for your interviewer. A candidate who reveals that they know how to navigate cultural nuances is much more likely to appropriately assimilate and become a long term asset in an organization.

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