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This week is all about job hunting and acing your job interview, take a look!


Job Hunting? 9 Common Job Application Mistakes (and How to Avoid them)

In today’s competitive job market, you must have an outstanding cover letter-and-resume combo if you are going to land a job interview. Focus on what skills and experiences you can bring to your employer, not the other way around. Take a look at these mistakes to avoid during the job application process.
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9 Things to Bring to a Job Interview – and What to Leave Behind
Business Insider

Job interviews are already an overwhelming experience, here’s how you can destress and focus on projecting the best version of yourself in a job interview. Leave the coffee at home!
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The Best Way to Talk About Your Strengths and Weaknesses in a Job Interview
The Muse

Talking about your strengths and weaknesses can be stressful, with just a little bit of preparation, you can master the art of selling yourself. The most important thing is to just be honest in a job interview. This article provides you with 5 tips for talking about your strengths and weaknesses in a job interview.
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