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Want to Transfer to Another Job Within the Same Company? Here’s How to Actually Do It
The Muse

Staying within a company, but transferring to a different department, is becoming a popular alternative to seeking out an entirely new job. This article outlines the steps you need to take in order to achieve this, as well as the numerous benefits this transition can come with!

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10 Tricks to Get You Back Into the Work Grind After Vacation
Business Insider

Getting back into work after a long vacation can be challenging. Here’s how you to get back in your groove without experiencing too much post-vacation blues.

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How to Write a Professional Email 

Professional emails are a staple of any functioning work environment. Writing one, however, can prove to be more complex than you would think. This article helps guide you through the intricate details of crafting the perfect professional email so that you can focus on bigger things!

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