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4 Ways to Answer the Interview Question “When Can You Start?”
The Muse

Do you remember hearing “when can you start” for the first time during a job interview? To avoid feeling panicked, unprepared, and/or blurting out a random day, check out this article for how to respond to this question, depending on your situation.
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4 Tips to Make a Genuine Connection During Video Interviews 

As technology advances, video interviews have quickly become part of our world. Find out how you can make your next video interview less awkward and more personal while building a connection with a potential employer. 
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6 Signs You’re Headed Towards Burnout, According to the Professor Who Pioneered the Term 
Business Insider

Have you recently felt overwhelmed with your work load, at a loss of control, and/or not recognized for you work efforts? If you have, find out how you can catch yourself before you burnout.
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