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Title: How to Address a Not-So-Self-Aware Co-Worker

Publication: The Muse

When working in a close proximity, it’s only natural to encounter uncomfortable situations with your peers. This article outlines how you should facilitate the discussion with a not-so-self-aware co-worker, so that your work environment can become less stressful. Both helpful, and informative, this article is packed full of helpful tips, strategies, and examples that are sure to be of use

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Title: Strategies to Enhance Your Work-Life Balance 

Publication: Forbes

Looking to improve your work-life balance? This article will help you realize the importance of life outside of work, and how you can create a fluid transition between your professional, and personal, world.

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Title: 5 Things you Need to Know Before Quitting Your Job

Publication: Oprah Magazine 

Thinking of quitting your job? Don’t think too fast! Make sure you have a solid plan in motion, and your finances in order, so that you can comfortably live during this transition. This article outlines several things to keep in mind before quitting your job, and how you can properly explain this decision to any future employers!

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