Dangers of using Facebook

If you would like to keep your social media outlets like Facebook and keep your job, there are a few things you should keep in mind.

Everything you share is public no matter how “private” you think it is

There are a few different beliefs about using Facebook privately. As most people are aware, Facebook has privacy settings which allow only the people you choose to be able to view only the information you allow them to. Very strict privacy settings only allow friends to view their posts and information. Some of these people believe that because of these privacy settings, they can write whatever they please and no one they would try to hide it from would see it. The fact is that most people have hundreds of friends that can see theirs and other posts on their page. There is no possible way to keep track of who would share what with whom. No matter what your privacy settings, it is important to assume that everything you share is completely open to the public.

Assume nothing when it comes to sharing material

Many people have reasons to believe that they can share whatever they want without being affected. Some believe they are not in an industry that would be affected by a Facebook page. Others think they since they do not post any negative material, no negative material could show up on their page. Some assume that their boss is not the type of person to do any research in social media to see what their employees have been writing. Whatever the reason, there is simply no way of knowing these things for sure. It is better to be safe than sorry.

On this topic, there are new laws advocating that although workers cannot make untrue statements about a company to slander its name, they do have the right to make constructive statements about current working conditions of a company. This would be fine, if the same worker would make those same comments to their boss. If it’s not appropriate for the workplace, it’s not appropriate to share through social media outlets either.

It seems that by taking all these precautions, there is no possible way that keeping your personal pages is plausible. This is untrue: Find out how to use social media to benefit yourself and your professional life.

Can you think of another reason to take caution when using social media? Please comment below!