Delaney Ong Named 3rd Quarter Winner for KNF&T’s 2018 Staffing Employee of the Year Contest

KNF&T Staffing Resources is pleased to announce that Delaney Ong has been named the third quarter winner of KNF&T’s 2018 Staffing Employee of the Year contest.

Delaney exudes a quintessential blend of personality, intelligence, and work ethic. She moved to the United States from Malaysia in 2013 to pursue her undergraduate degree in finance and went on to complete her Master’s Degree this past December – which she did in just one year.

“I was burnt out after that last semester,” mentions Delaney, “I was waiting tables and wasn’t looking for anything full time since I knew I would be moving back to Asia soon.” But when a job caught Delaney’s eye on KNF&T’s job board, she applied. Soon, she was meeting with our Accounting and Finance consultant, Jason Smith.

Jason matched Delaney up with an Investor Services Analyst position at a top firm in Boston. Based on her experience and job preferences, he knew this would be an ideal fit.

“I had a great experience with Jason, I love working with him,” Delaney noted. “It all happened so quickly. After I met with him, I had the job in less than two weeks.” Jason helped her with interview prep and advised her how to best highlight her experience in relation to the role.

Jason noted, “Delaney is a stellar candidate to work with. The client loves having her on their team and she has been extended twice while on assignment. She has so many great attributes that we look for in our Temp of the Quarter—she’s hard working, ambitious, and a wealth of knowledge who can tackle any challenge.”

Delany has plans to leverage this experience for a position at the company’s firm in either Hong Kong or Singapore. We are confident she will be successful and wish her the best of luck in her future endeavors.

KNF&T’s Staffing Employee of the Year contest focuses on the accomplishments and achievements of KNF&T’s contract employees. Click here for more information.