Denny Diveley Named KNF&T’s 2016 Staffing Employee of the Year

KNF&T Staffing Resources is proud to announce that Denny Diveley has been selected as KNF&T’s 2016 Staffing Employee of the Year.

Denny was nominated by our Westborough office and was also selected as a finalist for the MSA Staffing Employee of the Year Awards.

When Denny worked a contract position for KNF&T at one of our largest clients, she was so impressive that they created a second position specifically for her — showcasing just how valuable and unique she is.

“I am so thrilled to be named KNF&T’s Staffing Employee of the Year and am grateful to have had the opportunity to work with such wonderful people,” noted Denny.

“Denny is a fantastic employee of KNF&T. She brings an amazing work ethic and positive attitude that just makes other people want to be around her, and makes working with her a joy. She is someone we can trust will do an excellent job wherever she is placed,” remarked Andrew Gifford, Westborough’s Branch Manager

Prior to KNF&T, Denny traveled all over North America as a trained geologist/vertebrate paleontologist. Following decades away from the northeast, she is happy to be home again. Denny is also active with the Massachusetts Geological Society and received her M.S. in Geology from Idaho State University.

KNF&T’s 2016 Staffing Employee of the Year contest focuses on the accomplishments and achievements of KNF&T’s temporary and contract employees. Click here for more information.