Earn Extra Cash this Holiday Season

The holidays are among us – the happiest season of all! But if you have holiday shopping and expenses on your mind, the most wonderful time of the year can also become the most stressful. Luckily, we’re here to help. With contract jobs, Staff-on-Standby, and our refer a friend program, we have many opportunities for you to make fast cash that will have you enjoying this holiday season stress free.

Here’s how to get started with little to no commitment:

Contract Assignments

If you aren’t looking to make a commitment and want to work an assignment that is flexible around your schedule, have no fear. We have contract opportunities with well-known Boston and Metro West based clients that are perfect for those looking to work short or long- term assignments. Contract roles can range anywhere from one day to a few months, and they come with many benefits. Not only can working these roles gain you professional experience and build up your resume, but they are also a fantastic way to make that quick cash you desire. Contact us today to speak with a recruiter and get started.


Our Staff-on-Standby (SOS) program is equipped for people who want to make fast money within a day. In a nutshell, employees in the SOS program come into our office at 8am and are deployed to our Boston-area clients in the event a client has a last-minute staffing need, like admin support or data entry, for example. In the meantime, SOS employees wait in one of our private conference rooms and can pass the time by working on their computer, reading, or catching up on a TV show. If no one calls with a staffing need, you can go home by 11:30am. Whether you are dispatched for an assignment or released early, you will be compensated for your time, making your holiday season more affordable.

Refer a Friend Program

If you are a past or current candidate of KNF&T and know someone looking for their next career move, you may be in luck to earn extra cash. Through our Refer a Friend program, you can refer someone who is on the job hunt, and if they are placed in one of our open roles, you will receive a $200 bonus. Not only will you be helping your friends, but you will also be growing your wallet. See here for the rules, regulations, and eligibility requirements.

Whether you are interested in working SOS assignments or longer contract roles, contact us at contactus@knft.com and start making your holiday cash today!