Evan Paicopoulos Named 4th Quarter Winner for KNF&T’s 2018 Staffing Employee of the Year Contest

KNF&T Staffing Resources is happy to announce that Evan Paicopoulos has been named the fourth quarter winner of KNF&T’s 2018 Staffing Employee of the Year contest.

Evan was working as a restaurant manager after graduating from UMass Amherst in May, but he was looking for something that would better position him to work in the government – his ultimate goal. After applying for a position online, he was contacted by KNF&T’s staffing consultant, Liz Eiseman, who quickly got to work searching for the right fit.

Evan noted, “Liz kept me updated during the whole process. She’s really good with aligning open positions to what I was looking for in a job. I only had service experience and never had an internship at an office. So, I really wanted office experience in order to break into my desired field.”

And when the right opportunity presented itself, things happened quickly: “I was preparing for a trip to new Orleans and on Monday, Liz told me about the opportunity. On Tuesday, I had a phone interview, and on Wednesday, they told me I got the job! When I got back from my trip I started right away.”

Evan was placed in a contract position where he works closely with EMTs, helping them with requirements for their certification and recertification.

Evan commented, “When I first started, I didn’t have that much experience and it was a little bit of a learning curve. My customer service experience was useful and now that I have been working longer, I have the institutional knowledge to really help people. I take a lot of the phone calls, I know how to get answers, and I can direct people if I don’t know the answer myself. Plus, my supervisor is awesome and has really helped me develop my professional skills.”

His consultant, Liz, noted: “Evan quickly assimilated into his new group of colleagues, participating in meetings and closely observing his superiors. Evan’s communication skills are excellent, which really make him shine. He boasts an outstanding attendance record and is quick to extend his gratitude to all. His positivity is contagious.”

This role was an especially good fit for Evan. “I’ve always had a passion for helping people and I knew I needed a more administrative role – this is a great balance. I’m doing administrative work, but I’m also working toward helping people – those who are on the front lines saving people. It’s really rewarding personally and professionally. I’m more than happy. I wake up every day liking my job,” Evan commented.

He added, “KNF&T is great. It’s hard to find something when you have no experience and you made it really easy. Liz helped me every step of the way. I’m really appreciative.”

Congratulations, Evan!

KNF&T’s Staffing Employee of the Year contest focuses on the accomplishments and achievements of KNF&T’s temporary and contract employees. Click here for more information.