Factors to Consider In Choosing A Staffing Agency

By: Allison Parker

There are three very important factors to consider before choosing a staffing agency to help fulfill your professional goals.

  • Reputation

Make sure the agency has a well regarded reputation in the marketplace. An agency should offer and share client references; yet it is also important to learn about how the agency is received by candidates.

You want to work with an agency that attracts and works with the top candidates in the marketplace. Survey outstanding candidates you have hired, your colleagues, and friends about the agencies they preferred and why. For example, the top agency’s candidates will share positive feedback about their consultants and/or a competitive benefit package the agency offers for their temporary employees. This will attract and retain outstanding talent for that agency.

Also investigate if the agency works with a range of clients. This will provide the agency’s scope of expertise yet will also be attractive to the best talent in the marketplace. The “best” employees want to work with an agency that work with the “best” clients.

  • Attentiveness and Compatibility

Although this sounds like a dating requirement, it also holds true to choosing an agency as well. The agency is going to partner with you, be an ambassador for the positions they are trying to fill, and engage the candidates that best fit your requirements. They should understand the skill set your company needs and the culture.100808028

Choose the agency that wants to meet you! The agency should meet you in person at your office to see your operations first hand. This may be challenging given you are looking for a time saving solution, yet meeting in advance will help save time in the long run. The agency will be able to properly assess where they can provide solutions and the type of candidates you will require. Time invested up front will ultimately be more effective with matching the talent needed, and help shape a mutually successful partnership.

Visit the agency’s office as well and meet their team. Experience firsthand how their process works. As a true partner, they will be an ambassador when recruiting for your company. You want to work with the best staffing consultants who can effectively advocate for your company!

  • Customer Service/Customer Satisfaction/Accountability

The agency should offer enhanced services that make a process more streamlined and cost-effective for you. For example, a company that offers free training for long term temporary assignments or a well run time card approval process.

You should also explore how the agency ensures customer satisfaction; specifically by way of a guarantee. The agency should replace a temporary employee in timely manner that is acceptable to you, and they should offer a direct hire guarantee that is fair and equitable. The size of an agency, or more so the lack of infrastructure, may present a challenge when you may look to replace a temporary employee, or seek a refund of a Fee.

The above suggestions are shared to help the decision making process when exploring what to look for in a staffing partner. Conversations and meetings with the agency are the best first steps. Share you challenges, your anticipated hiring needs, your experience or inexperience of using an agency, with that agency – it will help you find the partner who can help you when you need it.

Allison Parker is the Vice President of Business Development at KNF&T Staffing Resources. She is an expert in the marketing field and can be reached at aparker@knft.com