Find The Company That Is The Right Fit For You

In the recovering economy today, it is becoming more possible to choose the type of job you would like instead of just taking any available job or staying at one where you are not happy.  One component of choosing a job is choosing the type of environment you want. Sometimes it can be hard to gage the environment until you are actually working at a company, but while interviewing and doing research on the company you can usually get a pretty good idea of what situation you are getting into.

First off, you should ask yourself; do you want a small, medium or large company?  The size of a company has an effect on many other facets, and one size could suit certain personalities better than others.  For example, a small company may be able to provide you with office friendships; if that is something you are looking for.  It is easier to get to know everyone at a smaller company and often times the dynamic between everyone is closer. On the other hand, a large company provides many more internal departments, which can eventually lead to easy movement within the company. Being able to move into another department or position after you get your foot in the door can be a great perk of the larger company.

You also need to decide if you think you will fit in with a corporate, traditional, straight-laced company, or company that has a more fun, laid back approach.  Many financial institutions are often more traditional, while an internet start up could be more laid back.  Depending on the type of work you want to do, you may not have an option.  But- it is important to think about what type of people and what atmosphere you would be able to work best with and in.

In order to make the right decision on the company that is right fit for you:

  1. Take a tour while you are interviewing so you can get a feel for the vibe and culture of the company.
  2. Make sure to ask questions during the interview about the company environment, promotion opportunities, growth, training, etc.
  3. Lastly, do some research on the company, and try to get unbiased opinions from people who don’t work there, to see what the company is really all about.