Finding the Right Fit: The Chemistry between Candidate, Job and Culture

In today’s environment of tight talent pools and high expectations, job seekers and employers are always trying to find the right chemistry when mixing a new employee in a position within a specific corporate culture. It is imperative that employer and candidate performs his/her due diligence.

To further ensure a successful match, a candidate can take a more proactive approach to better understand his/her character and personality traits, ambitions, expectations and career goals.

When determining if a specific position and the organization would be a good fit, take into account not only your talents and abilities but also your personality, your values, your strengths and your weaknesses. This will help you to better identify if the role will be a good fit, and also help you to decide if the right chemistry exists between you, the employer and their culture.

Click here to see the info-graphic outlining some of the most common characteristics associated with positions that KNF&T frequently staffs. However, first take into account your skills, interests and career goals. Just because you are a great communicator, highly organized and have amazing organizational skills, that doesn’t mean you should be a medical assistant – unless you WANT to be a medical assistant!


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