Get Professional, Get Hired

Professionalism is something that can seem to be often overlooked in today’s society.  Many hiring managers complain that the candidates they are seeing for jobs are not presenting themselves in a favorable manner.  There are a few key tips to follow, and they may not seem like an important piece of the interview process, but these points will present you as more professional and as a more desirable candidate.

  • Dressing professionally is absolutely necessary.  You are better off looking overdressed, then underdressed, even if the company is casual. A nice suit on both genders will always make a good impression.  Also, make sure you look clean and tailored, look your best and you will hopefully be able to act your best.  First impressions are very important.
  • Be prepared, and try to also keep a professional vocabulary.  Using ‘like’ or ‘you know’ too many times may make a bad impression.  Practice your answers to possible question s so you will be less likely to use these filler words.  These phrases will make you look like you don’t know what you’re talking about even when you do.
  • From when you walk in to the building until you walk out, put your phone or other electronic devices away.  Texting, calling, listening to music; can all give the impression that you are not focused on the task at hand or that you aren’t serious about trying to land this job.  You CAN live without your phone for a few hours, and in the end it will help you look more professional.

Are you a candidate or client who has seen a lack of professionalism in the interview process?  Let us know what you have seen during your search for Boston jobs!