Get Your Resume Read

There are many do’s and don’ts in writing a resume.  Everyone may have personal opinions, but there are a few simple rules to follow that are universal.

First of all, unless you have had a VERY long career, there is no reason why your resume should be over one page.  If you are a recent college grad, or have held a few positions, you should be able to concisely put all necessary information onto one page.  Simplifying, while also explaining all you have done is very important.  Also, formatting is key.  Use an easy to read font such as times new roman in 10 or 12 point and clearly outline your information.  No hiring manager wants to be confused by what they are looking at, and if you make it confusing, you may be tossed to the side because they simply don’t have the time.

Once you have formatted your resume correctly, put your most recent and most appropriate experiences on there.  If you are applying for an administrative executive assistant job, you want to make sure to get that receptionist position on there instead of your summer as a camp counselor (if you don’t have the room to include everything).  Play up the experiences you have had that are most applicable to the positions you are currently applying for.  Also, include your achievements while in the position instead of just listing your job responsibilities- show a possible manager what you have actually done with your talents.  When they see all that you have accomplished they may be more likely to bring you in to see what you can accomplish for them.

Do you have any tips on how to write a resume?  Comment below!