Happiness at Work is Up to You!

I have read many articles, blogs etc. on the “keys to happiness at work”. These factors seem to be consistent in each of the articles I have read:

  1. People are individuals and would like to be treated that way. Flexibility in work schedule and freedom in the workplace help to do that.
  2. The work itself should be challenging, interesting, engaging, and important.
  3. Good relationships between co-workers, clients, and most importantly, your boss. One of the most important qualities in these relationships is the underlying appreciation of the work that each person does.

My first thought is that not all jobs can offer such flexibility, freedom, and options within the organization. Some companies require a strict regimen in order to complete the work at hand. Many would argue that the first requirement of an employee isn’t happiness, but output that increases the overall well-being of the company. However, research has shown that there is a direct correlation between an employee’s productivity and his or her happiness in the workplace.

There will always be people who are not happy in the workplace no matter how they are treated. These people will remain “the downers” in the office. Misery will always love company, and this could break down relationships in the company in addition to the atmosphere. In these situations, why not become the optimist in the office? We have more control over our personal circumstances than we think! Although you cannot control the behavior of others, it is up to you to create the best personal environment you can with the conditions you were given. This applies to your work as well. It is up to you to immerse yourself in your work and challenge yourself to do better, no matter what type of work it is. A good chunk of the time, the attitude and actions of the employee lead to not only success in the workplace, but happiness as well.

How have you managed to stay happy at work? Do you have circumstances that don’t allow you to be as happy as you’d like? Comment below and let us hear about it!

Stacey Crane-Chaulk is the Business Development manager and KNF&T. She can be reached at scchaulk@knft.com.