Office Holiday Celebrations

The holidays are a great time of year, but sometimes they can be tricky when it comes to celebrating with co-workers and at office parties.  Usually everyone wants to enjoy themselves, but it’s important to remember that an office can be made up of people with all different beliefs and religions and sometimes that can make holiday celebrating a little more difficult.  This is why no one religion should be used or focused on and a general celebration should occur. A “holiday celebration or “end of year party” are good non-denominational phrases for your celebration, and this way everyone can enjoy the party and not feel left out.

There are many other questions about holiday office celebrations such as budget and where and when to do it.  Obviously, if your company has had a good year it is nice to reward your employees for all of their hard work to show them how much they are appreciated.  But if it hasn’t been such a great year or your company just doesn’t have that big of a budget for this type of thing, you can still have fun!  An office potluck, where everyone brings something, and a conference room is used as the space, can be just as enjoyable.  The main goal of these parties is to spend some social time with your co-workers and celebrate all you have done together in the past year!

Office Holiday Party Must Haves:

  1. Great food-
  2. Even better drinks!
  3. A game- Secret Santa or a Yankee Swap always provide a few laughs
  4. And most importantly, all employees together!

What makes a great holiday celebration? Let us know!