Hope to Land an Offer at your Temp Job? Tips on What NOT to do!

by Beth Cabrera                                                         

In the current employment market, more and more companies are using the “try before you buy” or temp to hire model.  This allows both the client and the employee to ensure that not only the work itself, but the culture is the best possible fit.  The challenge for the employee is how to investigate exactly what that culture is and then to ingratiate themselves into the corporate culture.

The staffing agency  or temporary agency you are working with on your job search will typically give you an overview of the company you are about to start working with and what they have learned from their prior experiences providing strategic staffing to this company.  The trick for the new employee is to ask their recruiter the right questions, investigate on their own before they start their new position, and listen to their new co-workers and supervisors once they start working.

One of the hardest things to do when you are in a  new situation (like the first day on a new job), is to wade in slowly, look and listen to what you hear the current employees saying and doing instead of just jumping into the deep end of the pool with those stories of your life.  Nerves tend to make people say and do things they would never do under normal circumstances.

A good rule of thumb is to always think twice before you disclose anything personal or ask about anything personal on the job (and this goes for those of you who have been working for years as well as those on your first day.)

You never want to get into a conversation that makes the person you are talking with cringe and start looking for the nearest escape route.  Best case senerio, that person starts walking twelve miles out of their way to avoid your desk- worst case, you find yourself out of a job.  A great article on how to avoid these situations is:

13 things to keep to yourself at work – CNN.com


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Beth Cabrera is the Vice President of KNF&T and Manager of the its award-winning temporary division. For all questions regarding this article or temporary employment at KNF&T, she can be reached at bcabrera@knft.com.