How Social Media Can Help You Land A Job

Beth Tucker, President of KNF&T, recommends the article from LinkedIn, 3 Ways Social Media Can Help You Land A Job (And Keep It).  The article gives tips on how to navigate social media and make it work for you (in terms of getting hired).  As a staffing agency in Boston, here at KNF&T we see many candidates every day and know how important an online presence can be.  Along with the suggestions in the article, another tip we suggest is to make a plan or a social media strategy for your online presence; be aware of what you are presenting to employers.  Make sure you use these social media tools to your advantage- don’t be shy, go onto your profile regularly and provide content for others.  By showing your interest and knowledge in your particular field, and linking to articles or posting content, you will demonstrate your passion for your work to all possible future employers out there.