How to Attract (and Retain) a Winning Team in 2016!


As companies kick off 2016, having a strong team in place to ensure a successful year should take center stage. Unlike years past, when employee options were plentiful, 2016 is expected to be one where talent options are tight, which is why being strategic with your hiring retention strategy will make all the difference. To get you on the right path, below are five approaches you should consider to ensure workforce planning success in 2016.

  • Shorten the Hiring Process – Gone are the days where employers have the luxury of conducting countless interviews with a candidate across multiple weeks. Your ideal employee will likely have a few job opportunities in play and the company that demonstrates strong interest in the candidate (and respect for their time) will likely score the (winning) candidate. Don’t unnecessarily elongate the process. Incorporate time-saving elements, such as video conferencing and personality tests. Bottom line: be efficient and decisive.


  • Embrace Transferable Skills – Not every candidate will meet each and every job description requirement. However, they will often bring other desirable skills to the role that can ultimately deliver even greater value to an organization. For example, while a candidate may not have the best written communication skills, they may have great analytical/problem solving skills that are also important to an organization. Or, while they may not excel in managing teams, they may be an exceptionally strong individual contributor. Take the time to discuss those areas within which they have been successful at previous employers. You may find the diamond in the rough your company needs.



  • Talk Job Sculpting and Upward Mobility – In the employee onboarding process, the current position being filled is often the primary focal point, along with related roles and responsibilities. However, most of the more qualified candidates will want to get a sense of company vision, what their career path will look like and how you will help them get there. While you don’t have to guarantee periodic promotions, giving them a sense of the opportunities that exist to elevate their role and take on greater responsibilities within a company will inspire them. This is where job sculpting comes into play. Make them aware of professional development opportunities that exist and opportunities to grow. An employee that feels they can truly make an impact and develop new skills as a company grows will often be one of your most valued employees.


  • Have a True Compensation Strategy – A critical element to any hiring effort is that of salaries and benefits. Everyone wants to be at a company they love, in a fulfilling role. However, certain lifestyles require certain pay scales, work flexibility, etc. This is why prospective employers need to be strategic when it comes to the compensation discussion. In addition to ensuring salaries are competitive, employers need to look beyond the norm when it comes to compensation. Be strategic (and creative) with bringing other benefits into the picture (e.g. work at home, truncated work weeks, education reimbursement, time off, etc.). Each employee has their own set of “benefits” priorities. Come to the table with different scenarios and your compensation discussion will be sure to pay off for both parties.



  • Prioritize on Employee Engagement – Once you have hired an employee and they have gone through the onboarding process, you must continue to “court” that employee – especially in this age of the younger generation consistently looking for the next great thing and frequently moving from company to company. Employers must continue to foster employee engagement opportunities, through team building efforts and social activities. These include interoffice sports, after-work outings and professional development initiatives, as examples. Keeping your employees engaged within the rest of the organization will ensure employee satisfaction and longevity.


There is no question that a company’s ability to attract and retain desirable employees is paramount to its success. And by paying attention to the above best practices, not only are you able to ensure (and benefit from) an inspired workforce that will stay with you long-term, but you will likely attract new employees through employee referrals and word of mouth – indicating your company is the place to be – and grow.

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