How to Leverage the Power of LinkedIn

How to Leverage the Power of LinkedIn

Anyone looking for a job can tell you there’s a lot involved in getting hired for your ideal role – a good resume, relevant experience, an effective interview, networking, social media presence… and the list goes on. From a business perspective, one of the most effective job search tools for professionals is LinkedIn. How can you maximize the power of LinkedIn to get the job you love?

Here are five tips:

  • Align Your LinkedIn Profile to Your Resume – Prospective employers should be able to see what you do or want to do just by looking at your profile. Take advantage of the automated LinkedIn guide as it walks you through set-up process step-by-step, asking you to plug-in information. The more complete (yet succinct) story you can tell about yourself, the better.
  • Use Keywords – Hiring managers often are searching for candidates through keywords to find employees who fit their specifications. This is why it is so important to use keywords throughout your profile, including the headline, summary and the body. Do your research using Google’s Keyword Tool to see what keywords are best for your profile.
  • Display a Profile Picture – People like to know who they are connecting with and a photo makes it more personal. Use common sense when choosing your profile picture. Make sure it is professional and aligns with the type of role you aspire to have.


  • Engage – Connect with key people in the organization (including the hiring manager or other executives) through LinkedIn. Also, being active within LinkedIn groups can also foster relationship-building with a prospective employer. Writing posts, engaging in discussions and/or sending relevant updates can make a big difference in getting noticed.
  • Don’t Forget the Recommendations – Many experts suggest having between 10-15 good recommendations posted on your profile. When you’re asking for recommendations, provide a quick summary of your skills, strengths and services, as this will enable your contacts to write a more accurate account of how well you performed your job. Also, be sure to return the favor and write a recommendation for them, too.