How to Prepare for an Interview over Skype or FaceTime


As FaceTime and Skype interviews become more popular, it’s important to know how to prepare for them in order to have a successful outcome. We sat down with our recruiter, Nichole, to discuss best practices to help you land your dream job.

Q: What is your advice to people preparing for an interview over Skype and FaceTime?
A. You should treat it the same way as an in-person interview. Some people think of a Skype or FaceTime interview as being more casual, but it is still your first chance to make a great impression with your interviewers. Make sure you are in a quiet space where you won’t be interrupted, you are dressed professionally, and you are in a non-distracting environment with a blank wall behind you.

Q. What are your top tips for successfully nailing an interview over Skype and FaceTime?
A. Maintain your professionalism and think everything out beforehand. Do a test run with someone on Skype before your interview so that you can make sure everything runs smoothly and that the connection is reliable. Also, when interviewing, remember to close out other windows on your computer that you don’t need. That way, you can keep your complete focus on the person you are speaking to during the interview.

Q. What should people AVOID doing during the interview?
A. Don’t do anything that is going to be distracting. If you want to take notes, use a pen and paper rather than typing notes out on your computer, as the sound of typing can be disrupting. You also shouldn’t walk around if you are using your phone. Stay in one room, preferably one with a blank wall and no distracting posters or wall art in the background.

Q. Is there an example of a great interview that you’ve had?
A. Yes, it was with a woman who lived out of state and was relocating to Boston. She was unable to do an in-person interview, so instead, she offered up a Skype interview. Even though the interview took place in her small dorm room, the room was extremely organized and the girl was very straightforward with her answers. We had a lost connection, but she handled it perfectly. She checked in with me to make sure everything was okay and that I could hear her, and then carried on with her answer. She did everything that would have made an in-person interview successful.

Q. Do you have an example of someone that could have improved?
A. For one woman, the interview was fine in terms of content and what she was saying. The FaceTime call, however, was distracting and took away from everything else. She answered the call in one room and then walked over to another room, so I ended up getting an unintentional tour of her home. When she finally settled down in her bedroom, I saw that there was laundry and posters everywhere, which was very distracting. It’s important to remember that even if you are a perfect match for the job skill-wise, the type of environment you choose to be in during a Skype or FaceTime interview is important – it can make or break your interview.

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