How to use Social Media to benefit your Professional Life

Companies around the world are making an undeniable shift to social media marketing. Nearly every company has a twitter or Facebook page to communicate with its customers, fans, or employees. It is through this shift that social media has become all the more valuable. Knowing this, it would be a major networking mistake not to follow the crowd and become part of the social media movement. The important thing is to view social media as a personal networking opportunity.

Social Media as a personal networking opportunity

This does not mean that you should completely cut off your personal ties and make your personal Facebook page a giant resume, posting bits and pieces of your cover letters on your twitter page. This simply means that with each bit of material you post on facebook, you have the opportunity to project a certain image of yourself to others. The beauty is that you can carefully choose this image in order to correctly portray the person that you are. More importantly, you can show others the person you want to be. If everyone sees that you are a person of value that is spreading positivity to others, it is more likely that your personal page will work for you. If you are using your page to complain, post negativity, or boast about yourself, your page will probably work against you.

9 Ideas for social media networking

  • Post a motivating quote
  • Post a link to a happy song to brighten everyone’s day
  • Wish everyone well on Holiday’s, birthdays, etc.
  • Pose an appropriate question that sparks an intellectual debate
  • Lend a hand of support to your friends in any of their ventures by wishing them good luck
  • Post something interesting that you learned, that you believe might interest your friends
  • Post pictures of your happiest moments with your family and friends, remembering to take out any pictures you might not want someone to see
  • Post a link to an interesting article in your professional field
  • Post about an event that you are excited to attend

Social Media as a Learning Platform

A major mistake people make day in and day out is missing value in content that others have shared. This is mostly true in regards to blogs. Blogs share important information in each professional field quicker than almost any media outlet, and certainly any social media outlet. There is so much up to date information people are offering to give, that you could fall behind in your field by not reading them.  There has been a shift to social media whether everyone recognizes it or not. It is important to learn, understand, and accept everything it has to offer that could benefit you as an individual.

Are there any benefits to using social media that we missed? Comment below, we’d love to know!