I Know What To Be When I Grow Up…I Think.

What do I want to be when I grow up?

What do I want to be when I grow up?

What do you want to be when you grow up? Do you know?  We have all been asked that question at least one hundred times throughout our lives.  I’m sure you’ve thought about it and perhaps lamented for short (or long) periods of time trying to figure it out. Some of us who have been in the work force for a number of years are still trying to answer this age-old question.

Personally, I wanted to be an architect in high school until I realized how much math was involved.  Then I thought I wanted to be an Account Executive in the advertising world and even had a few internships at local advertising agencies.  But the stress level seemed a bit high for me.

By the time I graduated college I had no idea of the direction I wanted go in, forget forging a career path.  So I went in the only direction I knew – I went home!  After a summer of having fun and “working” as a Pool Director at a day camp, I found out quickly that having fun does not always pay the bills. The time had come for me to figure out what I wanted to be now that I was supposedly grown up and armed with a college degree.

My 18+ year marketing career is founded, not on my corporate dreams or lifelong enthusiasm for a certain industry or mission, but instead it’s founded on the fact that my first job offer was for a position as a Marketing Assistant. Little did I know that what seemed like simply a good (paying) opportunity at the time was actually the catalyst for what has become a passionate and fulfilling career. But what happens if you don’t “fall” onto a career path that you want to follow?

Find your career path.

Find you career path.

Being involved in the staffing industry has given me great insight into the world of staffing, but in particular “temping”.  KNF&T Staffing Resources’ temporary staffing division makes up a significant portion of our business and it is extraordinary how many companies across all industries employ and heavily depend on temporary employees.

Temporary employment can be very beneficial for the candidate as well as the hiring company.  If you are a candidate still searching for your desired career path but you aren’t certain what you want to be when you grow up, taking advantage of temporary assignments can offer you exposure to a variety of different roles and give you the opportunity to gain valuable experience within very diverse companies and industries.  This insight may help you to determine your desired career path.

If you are someone who needs more flexibility and freedom than a regular 40 hour per week role traditionally offers, but you still need to generate income, a temporary or contract role may be a great solution.  Short-term positions may allow you to have a more accommodating schedule whether you are raising a family, want the ability to have extended periods of free time for travel, or if you have additional obligations and responsibilities that perhaps make it difficult to have that more traditional, 40 hour a week position.

If you are still trying to figure out what you want to be and/or if you are just starting out on your career journey, perhaps experiencing a variety of roles and becoming acquainted with different companies and industries is a great place to start.  If you are looking for a more flexible schedule, temporary assignments may be the answer!

-Donna VanSchagen,

Marketing & Communications Manager, KNF&T Staffing Resources

For more information regarding the benefits available to temporary staff through KNF&T Staffing Resources and for a complete listing of available positions, please visit our website at www.knft.com or contact Jillian Ciarletta, Branch Manager, Temporary Staffing Division at 617-574-8200 or jciarletta@knft.com.