Interview Questions – What YOU Should Ask the Employer

Everyone gets a little nervous during an interview, but in order to keep calm and keep your head in the game it is important that you come prepared.  One of the many things you may be judged on during your interview is the questions you ask the interviewer.  These questions can tell the employer a lot about you, such as: did you do your homework about the company, and what information, as an employee, you believe is the most important for you to know.

You should have at least five interview questions prepared, this way, when asked at the end of the interview if you have any questions, you won’t have to say “oh, you already answered them all.”  Be prepared, and you will look prepared.  The first place to come up with questions is the company website.  If you can ask about something specific to the company you will definitely get bonus points – mention their blog or Facebook page, or ask about the industry if you are new to it. Also, asking about the company culture, a typical day in the position, or the challenges of the position are always good go –to’s.  These questions will show your interest in the company and also let the employer know that you want to have all of the facts about the position, as well as what challenges you may face, if you are hired.

Showing your interest and knowledge about the company is important, but you also want to prepare questions that you need the answers to in order to decide if this position is right for you.  Maybe the benefits, schedule or bonus potential are a make it or break it, if so, make sure to get your answer in the interview.  Lastly, make sure to ask what the next step in the process may be.  This way you will be prepared with how long you may have to wait for an answer and if you will have to come in for any follow up interviews.  You always want to be prepared to accept or deny the position in case all of your hard work pays off and you do get offered the job!

What questions do you ask in an interview?  Let us know!