Janelis Alcantara Named 3rd Quarter Winner for KNF&T’s 2017 Staffing Employee of the Year Contest

KNF&T Staffing Resources is happy to announce that Janelis Alcantara has been named the third quarter winner of KNF&T’s 2017 Staffing Employee of the Year contest.

Janelis came across KNF&T during her job search, applied to a job online, and was contacted the same afternoon. “I thought to myself: wow, this is great,” Janelis remarked. An initial meeting was set up and Janelis soon found herself speaking with Andrew at our Westborough branch. “Even though most of the jobs I applied for were not in my field, Andrew assured me that KNF&T could find me a great job,” noted Janelis.

With a background in banking and a desire to work in a call center environment, KNF&T found a near perfect match for Janelis as a temporary call center agent at a local credit union. Janelis says that she loves the job because “it’s in my field. I love working in banking and helping members with their banking needs.”

And they love her, too. The contract was supposed to be for six months, but she was doing such a fantastic job that the credit union converted Janelis to a permanent employee early, as of September 25th.

Her consultant, Andrew, noted that: “Janelis exemplifies the perfect candidate: flexible, willing to learn, and accountable. We are so happy that we could help with her job search and very proud of all of the hard work she has demonstrated. There is no one more deserving of this award than Janelis!”

Janelis resides in Worcester, MA and is currently enrolled at Worcester State University as an Accounting Major.

KNF&T’s Staffing Employee of the Year contest focuses on the accomplishments and achievements of KNF&T’s contract employees. Click here for more information.