Job Market Hope is Rising

As of May 2012 the Massachusetts unemployment rate was at a low 6% compared to that of the entire US which measured in at 8.2%. Fortunately, for the country as a whole this rate has been on a steady decline nationwide over the past few months, and Massachusetts has consistently been above the nations’ average.  This is great news for all of the recent college graduates who started looking for a job this summer, especially for those looking to work in the state of Massachusetts. According to a recent study conducted by, Massachusetts has added nearly 38,000 jobs since the beginning of the year – this makes for an annual growth rate of more than 2% a year, which is above the national rate of about 1.5%. Boston is setting a great example for the rest of our country by creating new jobs in this job market and not allowing the news of our economy slow us down. Yes, it’s still a tough world out there, but hope is rising, and companies are hiring.