How does SOS work?

Employees in KNF&T’s Staff-on-Standby program arrive at our Boston office weekdays at 8:00am. If a client has a last-minute vacancy and needs help that day, they call us by noon and then you are dispatched to the client’s office. If no clients need assistance that day, you may either work for us at KNF&T or work for a non-profit organization.

By working as an on-call employee, you will be paid a guaranteed hourly rate – whether you’re on standby in KNF&T’s office or at work in a client’s office.  What’s more, we will give you preference on all new assignments for which you qualify.

Am I qualified to join SOS?

All SOS candidates must be proficient in MS Word and Excel, have strong typing skills and have reception desk experience. A minimum commitment of one week is required to participate in the program, as is adherence to KNF&T’s standards for professionalism, ethics and dress code.

Email or call 617.574.8200 for more information about joining Staff-on-Standby™ and take advantage of this great program.