Keep It Moving, How To Move Up In The Workforce

Everyone wants to advance in their career, and most people have at one point or another felt like they are stuck in a rut career wise.  Below are some tips for how to climb the career ladder without burning bridges in the process:

  1.  Build relationships and networks.  It is important have a good repertoire with your co-workers, but it is also important to have relationships with professionals outside of your company.  These relationships will help while you are in your current position and could also help you move into your next position.
  2. Present yourself nicely.  Looks aren’t everything- but they are something.  Presenting yourself as someone who takes care of themselves, and takes pride in their appearance, is important in the business world in order to move into more visible positions. Dress for success!
  3. Have the necessary education.  We are not just referring to that bachelor’s or associates degree you may need to get your foot in the door.  To move up to higher level positions very often you will need a master’s degree or a certain certification.  Learn what you need – and get it.
  4. Take on more responsibilities and initiate projects.  Even before you get that promotion, it is important to be willing to take on more work – this will show your boss what you can handle and what you deserve.  Also, initiating ideas or projects is impressive and shows you can be a leader.
  5. Work hard.  Don’t finish your work or projects just to finish them, put your best into your work and it will show.  Outstanding work will never go ignored by your supervisors.
  6. Be a team player.  Look to help out your co-workers with their projects or take on extra work if needed.  When you show that you are not only looking out for yourself, but that you are looking out for the company, bosses will take notice.
  7. Say thank you.  Be polite, be friendly.  Your boss will want to keep around someone who is cordial and pleasant to work with.  They will also want to promote someone who has manners because they know you will be a good representation of their company.
  8. Become an expert in your field.  Realize what you love to do and become and expert at it.  If you are in marketing and love social media, then become a social media guru.  When you are the go-to employee for a certain skill you will be irreplaceable and deserve a promotion.
  9. Ask for it.  When you have done all you feel you can do in terms of working hard and going above and beyond your current position, you should ask you boss for career advice or discuss promotion opportunities and other options for growth. 
  10. Move on.  If you feel as though your hard work and dedication are not being recognized, this may not be the right spot for you.  A good boss should want to help you advance in your career, and if you are not advancing, it may be time to take your services elsewhere.


How have you moved up the career ladder?  Let us know!