Ken Coleman Honored as MSA 2019 Finalist

KNF&T is proud to announce that our temporary employee, Ken Coleman, was honored this week as a finalist in the Massachusetts Staffing Association (MSA) Staffing Employee of the Year Awards.

MSA’s Staffing Employee of the Year Awards honor a select group of staffing employees that are the heart and soul of the staffing industry. We are so excited that Ken was among these remarkable finalists.

Starting out, Ken had a career as a freelance illustrator, but he was always interested in administrative work – particularly in the medical field. He turned to KNF&T to help him with his search for an administrative career, hoping that his KNF&T staffing consultant, Irene, could find him a job that aligned with his passions. With Irene’s help, Ken first started a contract role, and then began a new position that met all his expectations – an administration position at a top hospital.

So far, Ken has loved his position. “What I like about the job,” notes Ken, “is that it’s on the medical side. The people on my floor are there for all different reasons. For me, it’s creating a well-rounded knowledge of the medical field. I keep many different plates spinning, which I enjoy, and there are a lot of interesting challenges to solve.”

Ken continues to go above and beyond in his current role – his work ethic is best described in Irene’s words: “What has stood out to me is his can-do attitude and follow-through. Ken takes a proactive approach to all that is asked of him and thinks creatively of how to improve performance for both himself and the offices he has been placed in. For example, he is currently creating a workflow chart for reporting procedures – a project he does in his free time that benefits all employees.”

Ken is from West Roxbury, MA and graduated from Syracuse University in 2007.

We are so proud of Ken and his commendable accomplishments. Congratulations on being an MSA finalist!

Ken Coleman receives award for being an MSA finalist